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Precision Color Cards acc. RAL Classification

For highest requirements of the industry: Thierry´s Precision Color Cards.
Absolute precision allows for production accuracy shown in high quality gloss, color, and appearance. Packaged in easy to use folders, Thierry is providing the market a specialized product with great value.
The uniform application process eliminates appearance and color variation.  Each color card is guaranteed to be within 0.2 dE (45°/0) of its target color position, and all have a high gloss finish.  These constant factors yield a premium quality of color standards.
Avoid colour differences: Use these Precision Color Cards in the whole production process to reduce colour differences to a minimum.

  • Quality 2K PUR Lacquer
  • Accurate surface
  • Size 80 x 115 mm
  • Max. colour difference 0,2 dE
  • Particularly tested and certified
  • Gloss min. 90 (60°)
  • Validity 5 Years

Orders directly through the producers web shop: www.thierry-gmbh.de
FREE DELIVERY: Please use in your order the promotion code BUSILESS and the Precision Color Cards will be send to you without any transport fee - in whole Germany and also to Austria and Switzerland!

Precision Color Cards INDIVIDUAL acc. Your Demands

"Color à la Carte" - Feel free to choose according your demands and assemble your own Precision Color Cards:

  • Definition of the colour (RAL or an individual colour)
  • Name of the colour
  • Declaration of colourmetric values
  • Declaration of CMYK and/or RGB-values and/or HEX-values
  • Declaration of HKS and/or Pantone
  • Regulations for utilisation
  • Declaration of accepted tolerances
  • Design of cardboard

Make use of our consulting - so leave none of your colours to chance!

Precision Color Cards make sure of a

  • clear communication of CI colours
  • perfect realisation of product design

Precision Color Cards allow

  • worldwide use of defined colours on subassemblies and products
  • sure combination of parts from different suppliers
  • color definition within very small tolerances
  • quality assurance of colours
  • exact definition of colour trade marks

The Company Thierry GmbH is the specialist for the production and reproduction of nearly identical colour samples. Thierry delievers the colour cards acc. RAL with minimal tolerances - more precisely than the original!


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