Farbskala als Werbemittel



The in 1988 founded TORSO-VERLAG Wertheim is since 2007 focused totally on colour themes. With its offer around colour references, colour measurement equipment, standard light boxes and many more TORSO-VERLAG can be seen as a „Meeting Point for Color and Light“.
Beyond this TORSO-VERLAG provides events like colour measurement education courses, lectures and interesting exhibitions on colourful themes.
The full spectrum of the most important international colour systems and standards e. g. British Standard, HKS, Munsell, NCS, Pantone, RAL and many more is available at the Colour Card Shop and is being completed permanently.
In the on-site exhibition room the products can be tested with customers own material samples to find the optimal testing instruments for production and quality control.
Long-range services before and after the purchase and a ready availability of the whole product range denotes TORSO-VERLAG as a professional partner for the industry.
Based on lots of reports in professional journals and lectures at conferences of the German Colour Science Society (DfwG Deutsche farbwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft) and the German Colour Center (DFZ Deutsches Farbenzentrum) TORSO-VERLAG has been established as a competence center for colour and light.

Farbkarten und Farbfächer von MUNSELL, NCS, PANTONE und RAL